I simplify complex by providing intuitive solutions that meet needs of my users.

Currently involved in the development of government sponsored Health IT and claims processing enterprise applications. I identify the real problem that needs to be solved and find right solutions using a variety of UX methods. I rely on my extensive hand-on experience in UI, UX , front-end development along with deep interest in human psychology and emotional intelligence. I believe that many user decisions are made subconsciously and my undrainable interest in behavioral science gives me a head start in producing concepts that can be validated through usability testing and refined to meet the needs of my users.

My Process

There is no one size fits all in my process. I consider project goals, user needs, timeline, resources and choose the right method and tools.


To produce a product with the right functionality we need to know who is this product for and why are we developing it. What are we trying to achieve? Who are the users and why would they use our products?

Some methods that can be used are user observations, market analysis, focus groups, interviews, personas etc..

Establishment of features, structure and prototyping

I use tools that make sense for the project and current stage of development. It newer hurts starting with a whiteboard, wireframes or low-fidelity paper mockup.

Once I have a solid idea of the layout, I can start working on medium to high fidelity mockups and prototypes using Illustrator, Photoshop, prototyping or code. I am currently exploring Adobe Experience Design as part of my prototyping toolset.

Process sample 1
Process sample 2
Process sample 3


Ideas and opinions are just that, without testing.

I like to test my designs with stakeholders and users. Revisions follow testing and testing follows revision until it is ready for next stage.

Wireframe sample 1
Wireframe sample 2
Wireframe sample 3


I see myself as a facilitator between development team, business analysts, client and users gluing all involved together. During development lifecycle I find myself working as the translator between the teams and stakeholders providing guidance and hands-on approach at every stage of development.


Developing usable products for all users including ones with disabilities is my priority. I design and develop for section 508 compliance right from the start ensuring that my team understands the foundational principles of accessible product development.

Screen reader testing is one of the best methods that can ensure that product works as intended.

My Work

Dynamic Forms View Case Study

Claim Management System

Case study comming soon.

Graphic Design