Dynamic Forms

Due to the overwhelming success of this product, I am able to share only limited details about it as required by product owner.

Dynamic Forms sample 1

The goal of this project was to create a tool that would allow for quick forms and assessment building by semi-technical users.

The challenge was in developing a customizable system which would allow building not only multi-page but multi-section assessments with dependencies on questions within different pages or sections of the assessment.

The Inheritance

I was brought into the project when the team realized that what they have created so far was very close to unusable. The product was packed with features that even technical people on the team had a hard time remembering how to use.

The Inheritance picture

Final Product

The solution was an elegant design which accommodated complex logic and extensive functionality.

To understand the complexity of the product I have met with the client, stakeholders, BAs, and development lead. In order to allow for the creation of a comprehensive assessment, I invested in documenting required tasks. Development of page flows and wireframes allowed the team to visualize the number of steps user needed to take and how it can be simplified. Pinpointing of key functionalities allowed me to find the right access points for those functions during assessment assembly process. The team realized just how complex the process can be.

I have decided that it would be the best if a user would be narrowly guided through initial creation steps to prevent information overload. The UI would reveal only one step at a time allowing a user to focus only on the task at hand. Once the initial setup steps are done, the user would be able to work their way through the development of their assessment much easier.

I have conducted usability tests and identified possible issues that can be corrected in consecutive releases. Once the product was adopted, it ended up beeing a big success. It allowed to greatly reduce health assessment development cost while increasing delivery speed.